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​Tansi "​Tansi is an engaging pictorial dictionary of Cree words directly related to the world of very young children. Tansi ​is a worthwhile addition to collections of First Nation materials." Manitoba Library Association​

​Babs Adventure Series "Fontaine has written a memorable character whose childhood becomes our childhood and whose happy future we desire with the fervor of a loving parent." Bruce McManus, 2008-2009 Writer in Residence of Winnipeg Public Library

​I'm an Addict "Shamin provides practical, believable and do-able steps to get anyone started on the journey of recovery. She is the real deal!" Gilles M. Chaplain's Assistant and Youth Counselor Manitoba Justice

Missy "This was a heart-wrenching story which made me fall more in love with the characters from Rabbit Lake." Maranatha News 2012

The Little Ones ​"Meyer weaves a believable story and paints a picture of hope and renewal." NorthRoots August/September 2010

Sometimes the difficulties of life can be overwhelming. Join others who are on their journey - read their stories - and re-gain hope for the future.

​We have a variety of children's/teen books including some in the Cree language, some in audio format, and some with teacher resources.



Submission Guidelines:

​We are at this time not accepting any new submissions. Please email with any questions you might have.

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Goldrock Press

We are a small company located in northern Manitoba. We exist to publish and promote northern writers, with an emphasis on Indigenous writers. 



Norway House, MB R0B 1B0, Canada
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Goldrock Press

Box 1185

Norway House, MB

R0B 1B0 

As of June, 2018, we have twenty-three anthologies: eleven with adults, three with teens and nine with children. Something for everyone!

A series of 12 books set in the fictional community of Rabbit Lake, these award-winning books will keep you turning pages..


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